BERTHOLD is also concerned with the ever-increasing delivery problems for components: How can projects be successfully implemented during this time? How can we offer our customers support in the usual high quality?

2 years of pandemic and the ongoing Ukraine war are currently changing the environment for companies massively. There is a lack of provision of raw materials and products, supply chains do not function as usual.

There is hardly a week when Managing Director Joachim Berthold, MAS, is not informed about difficulties in procurement or delays in the supply chain: Important components are late, incomplete or simply not available. You cannot currently rely 100% on promised delivery times.

Constant price increases for components do not make the situation any easier.

Joachim Berthold and his committed team fight like lions in order to be able to meet the promised deadlines and project costs for customers.

Practiced flexibility at BERTHOLD

“What particularly helps BERTHOLD in this phase is the flexibility that the company has learned and practiced over the years. Together with open, honest communication with customers and suppliers, this is an important support for coping in difficult times.” Joachim Berthold gives an insight into his company and continues:
“As a family-run SME with a flat hierarchy, BERTHOLD is extremely dynamic and flexible in its actions. At BERTHOLD, decisions are made quickly and easily for the benefit of the projects. Our customers experience this as a great advantage.”

Joachim Berthold names the most helpful entrepreneurial “tools” for keeping promises under difficult conditions:

• Short decision paths
• A team with a high level of personal responsibility and the appropriate decision-making power
• Quick comprehension of complex and changing processes
• Tremendous experience in handling projects of all sizes
• Flexibility and willingness to compromise also on the part of all partners

“This is how flexibility is lived at BERTHOLD.” summarizes Joachim Berthold and adds: “Even in difficult times, the following applies to BERTHOLD: plan realistically and quickly look for possibilities and alternatives in the event of changes. Although this ties up additional capacity, it is a prerequisite for finding viable solutions together with partners to keep promises.

Times are difficult, but BERTHOLD is prepared: with a responsible, experienced team in a structure that allows for a high level of flexibility. BERTHOLD is a partner that does its utmost for its customers and is a responsible partner even in difficult situations.

Joachim Berthold concludes with a clear statement: “We are moving closer together with our customers and suppliers and will thus achieve the best possible success, for the benefit of all.”

This situation is accompanied by a change in the world of work, partly triggered by the shift in social values caused by the pandemic and a lack of foresight on the part of politicians when it comes to designing vocational training opportunities. The Austrian economy lacks skilled workers, especially in the IT sector.

BERTHOLD, however, is well secured in terms of personnel and shines with a highly motivated and committed team. In addition, the high-tech company is known as a well-established, regional employer. This is of interest to many potential new employees and we have so far been able to counteract the shortage of skilled workers through recommendations and interns.

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