Zahlreiche namhafte Unternehmen verwenden unser BLS-Logistikleitsystem erfolgreich in der Praxis. Jede Anwendung ist dabei einzigartig. Das flexible BLS Logistikleitsystem passt sich den jeweiligen Werk-Situationen an.

RENERGIA: Logistics control system for a Swiss showcase project

BLS REFERENCE PROJECT RENERGIA: Logistics control system for a Swiss showcase project The eight waste disposal associations in Central Switzerland as well as the Perlen Papier AG jointly founded the “Renergia Zentralschweiz AG” in 2012 and set up the new waste incineration plant in Central Switzerland. 200,000 tons of waste / year are thermally recycled […]

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REMONDIS uses BLS logistics control system in Lippewerk-Lünen

BLS REFERENCE PROJECT REMONDIS: Logistics control system for a complete industrial park The Lippewerk in Lünen / D is the headquarters of REMONDIS AG & Co. and with 230ha the largest center for industrial circular economy in Europe. In the industrial park, high-quality raw materials and products are manufactured and various disposal services are provided. […]

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EVN Dürnrohr processes 500,000 tons of waste per year

BLS REFERENCE PROJECT EVN Dürnrohr: Fully automatic processing of 500,000 tons of waste / year EVN Abfallverwertung NÖ GmbH operates one of the most modern thermal waste recycling plants in Dürnrohr. With a capacity of around 500,000 tons / year, the MVA Dürnrohr is the largest thermal waste treatment plant in Austria and one of […]

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