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We don’t leave our customers alone after completing a project. If you have any questions or problems, you can confidently turn to our technicians, who will be at your side with their extensive know-how.


A support or maintenance contract is particularly recommended if a system is of great importance and should therefore be protected against failure as best as possible.

  • power_settings_newIncrease safeguarding against failure
  • supervisor_accountEnsure fast troubleshooting
24h Hotline Support
up to 24/7 quick help via hotline or remote maintenance
Maintenance – individual & efficient
Tailored to the special circumstances of our customers
Full maintenance contracts
include service, support and maintenance services
Hotline phone support
As a special highlight, we offer our customers hotline telephone support. This support can either extend over normal working hours or over 24×7 hours.
Calibrations and reviews
In the course of a maintenance contract, we can also carry out regular calibrations or other checks. We ensure that the calibration weights, the approved body for checking the balance(s) and the necessary personnel are on site at the agreed time. You do not have to worry about anything else.
Spare parts kit
Every customer can purchase a spare parts kit from us with easily replaceable parts such as PLC input / output cards, power supplies or touch screens. This allows you to replace defective devices yourself and keep downtimes as short as possible.
Repair guarantee
Full maintenance contracts can also include a 24-hour repair guarantee, with all spare parts in stock with us or with the facility. In addition, all of our support technicians have an almost fully equipped rolling spare parts warehouse to help them quickly solve unforeseen problems..
99.99% functional guarantee
In the case of important systems, where the failure of a core component often means that production has come to a standstill, we carry out relevant components such as hard drives (RAID 1 or 5) and servers redundantly. In this case, the same configuration is running or is available as a so-called “cold standby” system that can be activated at short notice. So we can achieve a functional guarantee of 99.99%.
Quick help via remote maintenance
A prerequisite for rapid help is the ability to access the system remotely via secure access: For large corporations, there is also the option of accessing the internal network via a specially secured central access and via VPN tunnels and routers to get to the system networks. In this way, the Internet connection as an open point of attack can be avoided.
Our support tool
For less urgent problems, we provide a support tool that is integrated in our software. Your entry will be immediately forwarded to our support technicians via SMS and will usually be taken care of within hours – but at the latest on the next working day.