In future, in addition to delivery vehicles, vehicle data from suppliers and visitors will be recorded by automated number plate recognition and picture recording technology using digital video systems. In addition, the number of people in each vehicle will also be recorded.

This ensures the highest-possible level of security in dangerous situations, e.g. in the case of an evacuation. The number of people and vehicles on the site can be called up at any time in the case of an alarm.

Recognition on entry

The plant in Spittelau has two entry lanes:

  • 1 lane for incomings goods
    All vehicles entering the plant are equipped with an RFID tag and are recorded via an RFID reader using contactless technology.
  • 1 lane with a barrier and guard
    This lane is used by suppliers and visitors and has been equipped with sensors and cameras for automatic number plate recognition.
    The number of people in each vehicle is added manually by staff using a tablet device.
    Each vehicle is also supplied with the relevant accompanying certificate.

Recognition on leaving the plant

All vehicles are “checked out” on leaving the plant:
Again, recognition takes place via RFID identification and camera systems with sensors for number plate recognition.

Special feature: as the plant exit has a lane which can be used by both cars and HGVs, the exit is equipped with both front and rear number plate recognition systems. This prevents any erroneous readings in the case of vehicles queuing up too close together to leave the plant.

Correlation of data

The recorded data is compiled and supplemented with the data from plant staff and then recorded by a separate access control system. The complete overview of vehicle and individual-related data can therefore be made available to emergency services at any time and in the most up-to-date form should the need arise.

Data protection

Data protection is a significant aspect of the security concept: the highest-possible security standards within the IT environment guarantee the highest-possible level of data security. For this reason, data regarding individuals and vehicles – no personal data is recorded – is only stored for the duration of stay at the plant and is immediately deleted upon departure.

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