REMONDIS: Logistics control system for a complete industrial park

The Lippewerk in Lünen / D is the headquarters of REMONDIS AG & Co. and with 230ha the largest center for industrial circular economy in Europe. In the industrial park, high-quality raw materials and products are manufactured and various disposal services are provided.

In 2013 BERTHOLD for the first time rolled out a complete industrial park in Germany with the BLS logistics control system. BLS was delivered as a turnkey system and is now responsible for recording, smoothly processing and recording approximately 1.6 million tons of input and approximately 1 million tons of output from a wide range of materials.

The industrial park comprises 16 companies, all of which now work with ONE system for shipping automation, yard management, factory logistics and an automatic weighing system: the BLS logistics control system from BERTHOLD.

The new BLS logistics control system is unique due to its flexibility and configurability and is extremely fail-safe.

Consulting, conception and implementation

The existing weighing system was replaced by 3 new scales at a central location in the industrial park:
1 entry scale, 1 exit scale, 1 dual scale (30m suitable for Giga-Liner) for entry and exit. Incoming and outgoing handling is carried out automatically by the truck driver.

Regular operation for the Lippewerk industrial park in Lünen / D is optimally secured with BLS.


Complete and turnkey

Dispo, processing, documentation: with BLS everything in one system.

Robust technology

Heat, dust, frost: the BLS input terminals withstand the most adverse environmental conditions.

Comprehensive application of the BLS logistics control system at REMONDIS

All areas relevant to transport logistics in the industrial park are handled efficiently with the BLS logistics control system.

Also included are logging and traceability of all processes including the processes of the clients and loading / unloading, up to the issue of the weighing and delivery notes.

  • Local order entry
  • Framework contracts
  • Deliveries and dispatches
  • Weighing
  • Identification
  • Local master data processing
  • Operator guidance and administration

    Multilingualism at the terminal

    The system is managed in 12 different languages, user-friendly via touch screen and largely eliminates human errors. The driver selects the desired language directly at the self-service terminal. BLS also saves the selected operating language for the respective license plate number; the next time this number plate is identified, this language is automatically offered.

    Evaluations and reports

    Evaluations can be activated, printed and exported as individual or total reports over a freely definable period of time.

    Automatic handover of delivery documents

    Delivery documents are printed directly at the respective self-service terminal at the exit, so that the driver – again without having to get out – receives the corresponding delivery documents on the fly.

    Safety instructions documented

    The required safety briefing before entering the premises takes place directly at the terminal and is automatically documented. At the entrance, the driver can print out directions if necessary after the first weighing.