"Be open to new ideas and shaping the world" – this is how one could summarize the commitment of Berthold’s committed employees, who respond to the most diverse requirements with innovative solutions.

Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H has numerous new developments, always according to the industry 4.0 paradigm: unique networking and integration of systems, especially in the area of logistics optimization.

This also includes those two research projects which are close to the economy, which have been supported among others by the FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency).

Innovative, integrated logistics control system for industrial plants

The goal of the project is to develop a logistics control system which is also suitable for operational management and which integrates the many other individual systems into a networked overall solution.

It goes without saying that functionalities such as disposition, administration, identification, measurement and correct handling of all incoming and outgoing materials are maintained.

The project already offers a unique networking and integration of systems (HW and SW), external systems such as gates, cranes, control terminals and sensors as well as truck identification in a status-dependent process control system.

Intelligent routing and parking management have resulted in a new overall solution. However, the area is still to be further researched and will bring important findings and innovations for the future.

Based on the new recording logic, a new search algorithm and an intelligent visualization representation, the collected data can be used for the first time for a comprehensive, holistic process optimization.

This SmartData function forms the basis for our industry 4.0 capability to communicate systems from different manufacturers in a plant.

Innovative logistics planning and scheduling system for waste management

Since there is no system that can distinguish between individual traffic as well as major customers and municipalities, and which can electronically record and automatically process them, they have been managed separately until now.

The goal was the development of a new logistics system, which can manage all incoming and outgoing deliveries of different customer categories for the first time in an automated manner and also supports planning and optimization.

With the innovative detection and billing system together with the interfaces and new algorithms for waste disposal, a technically sophisticated and reliable reference system was researched and developed for the first time as a central point of entry for municipal, commercial as well as private waste disposal for the recording, documentation, invoicing and evaluation of all delivery and loading processes.

In addition, these research projects are devoted to customer communication, scheduling, as well as optimal classification and registration.

Both the right pre-registration, scheduling and the planning, classification and, ultimately, the automated recording and processing are special areas of Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H and among other points part of these research projects.


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