First of all, I can say that we can look back on a very positive first half-year 2017.

Momentum in the first quarters

Fortunately, we were able to take advantage of the good capacity utilization over the turn of the year and completed some major projects in the first quarter. This had a particularly positive economic effect. With this drive we also went into the second quarter. We implemented several smaller and medium-sized projects for existing partners. Partially, we had already reported about these projects in other articles.

Further development of BLS

In addition, we have gradually developed BLS and are already working on tomorrow’s innovations. This will once again assert our lead in the market. I do not want to reveal too much, but we can all look forward to some new features and new partners.

Good ideas are always in demand

The further development of BLS is thus secured and we still have many ideas. But you can never have enough of it. Therefore I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to share your ideas and opinions with us. We are always grateful for input and feedback, and will of course take your advice.

‘Data protection requirements – challenge or business field?’

Another point that we deal with affects not only us or our system, but also many of our customers. In the last few months, a word has haunted the corporate world: ‘Data protection regulations’.

It is a polarizing and currently ubiquitous theme, which of course does not pass unnoticed by us. As a system integrator it is currently exciting to observe the market in this area and to discuss many discussions or different approaches.

What is the significance of the innovations?

More or, for the most part, less meaningful regulations have been agreed upon and published in connection with horrendous threats of punishment. If one wants to inquire about this, one gets different statements.

In one, they are all the same: "Actual protection cannot be implemented." Everyone can decide for themselves how far they want to take action. You will not be able to completely rule out the risk and therefore also a possible punishment.

We are now working on a catalog of measures to further improve our safety. Berthold has been investing a lot in data security for a long time. After all, this is one of our core competencies.

What does the future bring?

If we now look into the future, we hope that the positive forecasts will be confirmed. According to experts, the situation in many markets continues to improve and the mood remains persistently good.

We are also currently in negotiations on further major projects and hope to implement one or the other solution. With BLS, we definitely have a future-proof system, with which we are optimally prepared for the upswing.

Best regards
Joachim Berthold
Managing Director

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