The "periphery"

Since our company began work in 1989, we have been working intensively with the development for logistic control systems of for the bulk materials industry. As time has passed, we have continually developed solutions for entry and exit systems, as well as loading/unloading stations for rail and HGVs.

An important part of these solutions is the so-called “periphery” cabinet which enables simple control of entry- and exit systems, as well as loading and unloading stations. Elements ranging from a touch screen for uncomplicated computer control for weighing and identification and interfaces through to printers are all located in the “periphery”.

Inside: top-of-the-range technology

Whereas before, painted systems were used inside and outdoor cabinets were made of stainless steel, new developments in metal processing, as well as surface treatment such as powder coating and nanotechnology have made it possible to develop cost-effective, holistic solutions and housings which also offer improved protection against dust, dirt, and changing weather conditions.

We have therefore decided to develop a new periphery concept together with our partner Infotronik, who already have an extensive range of experience with information terminals and control panels, which is based on the most up-to-date mechanics and electronics technologies.

The new periphery concept will also include a complete bus interface instead of the current parallel signal interface due to the ever-increasing implementation of control technology assisted production and dispatch.
Naturally, traditional signal-based communication with the industry control system using a separate coupling unit. The control panels themselves, however, will no longer be directly coupled to the background control system.

The first phase of this development will see the creation of 2 new systems control systems.

An approximately 2m-high double-wall cabinet with specialised power coating of all metal parts which can also host a printer with additional loading tray, which can also be supplied with the optional, in-the-cabinet air conditioning unit, is 100% suitable for use outdoors.

A cabinet approximately half the size without the additional option for printer and air conditioning unit can be supplied for areas where space is limited and yet still provide complete functionality.

Outside: design and functionality

Both systems boast a high level of functional safety as well as a modern and impressive design thanks to the use of a coloured glass pane which can be mounted framelessly and provides complete protection for all components such as the monitor, touch screen, weighing system and RFID reader. The design concept is a move away from the traditional, “sterile” industrial look to a more modern, integral design element of the plant.

Modular construction–cost-effective for customers

Naturally, both of these new systems will boast a modular construction which will enable tailor-made solutions to be developed through the integration of optional elements.

In addition to the design of the systems, particular attention has also been paid to the price. The aim of the concept is to provide continued high-quality whilst reducing costs by up 40% compared to standard cabinets through modern, prefabricated components as well as optimised engineering.

We are confident that the combination of our long-standing experience with control system cabinets and the experience of our partner with information terminals will provide high-quality periphery systems in the coming years whilst also significantly reducing costs for our customers.

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