The support technicians from BERTHOLD have always stood by customers quickly and helpful. New tools now support you even better in your valuable work.

Competent, helpful and always striving to find quick solutions – this is how customers describe the employees of the BERTHOLD support team. They are always on hand if questions about operation arise or malfunctions need to be fixed quickly.

In close cooperation with internal specialist departments such as the project teams and developers, they ensure a high level of reliability for all solutions supplied by BERTHOLD, in particular the numerous BLS logistics control systems.

Ticket system ensures high quality of support

For the optimal processing of customer inquiries, BERTHOLD recently developed a special, internal ticket system that is specially designed for support inquiries and their processing.

All data, information, files and processing steps essential for prompt processing are centrally available to the employees involved.

Concrete scheduling and ongoing traceability round off this software solution, which was implemented with the know-how of BERTHOLD from in-house software development.

In its development based on the BLS software, this practical tool now optimally supports the close cooperation of the various internal teams and continues to ensure rapid processing and competent response to customer inquiries.

Improved logging for quick troubleshooting

If support or software technicians are troubleshooting, it is often worth taking a look at the log file. This is where processes and entries are recorded, known as “logging”.
The logging of the BLS logistics control system has recently been significantly expanded so that the BERTHOLD technicians have access to a comprehensive collection of specific information for error detection.
For BERTHOLD customers this means faster and easier troubleshooting.

Introduction of helpful status messages

Another valuable tool is the introduction of status messages in BLS. These provide relevant information directly in the respective BLS mask.

Depending on the message, these are also visible to customers in their interface and thus also offer users of BLS logistics control systems more clarity and security in operation.

Existing BLS customers with a maintenance contract will receive this feature with the latest software update.

BERTHOLD always endeavors to offer customers the best possible support, even during ongoing operations. Customer support is an essential factor in maintaining reliable solutions and is therefore guaranteed by BERTHOLD in terms of its high quality and is constantly being expanded.

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