New: weighing systems with digital measuring cells

The heart of every bridge weighing system is the evaluation device with the measurement cells which are integrated into the weighing system. These measurement cells record the exact weight of the container when it enters the weighing system, and the evaluation device prepares the measurement data for further processing

From now on, there is a new technology available for Rudolf Berthold G.m.b.H weighing systems which can further increase cost saving:
Digital PDX measurement interfaces produced by Mettler including the IND 560 PDX measurement device offer two significant advantages compared to traditional measurement cells.

  • lower investment costs
  • off-site maintenance possible

Lower investment costs

The investment costs alone for the PDX analysis device are 50% lower than those of the previous model for MTX measurement cells.

Significant savings can also be made in the field of start-up costs:

The bus system (CAN bus) with simple serial connection, as well as the enhanced possibility of adjusting digital measurement cells, allow for fast implementation and start-up with reduced human resources requirements.

A positive side effect of the PDX technology: it is significantly less sensitive to spiking as a result of indirect lightning strikes and is equipped with integrated lightning protection as standard.

Off-site maintenance possible

The integrated Ethernet interface (TCP/IP) enables low-cost off-site maintenance for all components right through to identification of defects – this reduces delivery costs and downtime to an absolute minimum.

These interfaces can generally be chosen based on requirements depending on the evaluation device (SPS bus, ProfiBus, Ethernet, Data Highway Plus, as well as other interface types) and can be adjusted at any time.

Implementation in new and existing weighing systems

This new digital technology is available both for new implementations of complete weighing systems, with or without a connection to a superordinate logistic control system, and for the replacement of existing weighing systems.

It makes commercial sense to implement such systems in the case of defective measurement interfaces in existing weighing systems, for example in the case of damage due to lightning strikes.

How can this technology help you to reduce costs in your company, or does it make sense to replace existing bridge weighing systems?

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