The situation is just the same when working with large amounts of data:
Data is recorded and collected, analysed, processed, forwarded and archived.
Many companies use well-known tabular calculation programs for this purpose, which borders on misappropriation.

Optimise with stand-alone solutions

It is quite common to find stand-alone solutions; these are often the result of differences in format of the data sources.

Many systems lack the necessary interfaces and therefore have to rely on traditional tabular calculation programs in order to record all data. It works in principle but is not the most efficient way of doing business.

Well-prepared data is the basis for successful control of processes, whether in production, logistics, operations or company management.

Solutions which meet your requirements completely have enormous advantages: cost and time savings, security in decision-making processes and comfort, as well as employees who work efficiently.

Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H has the solution for you

Our software engineers are used to bringing together data from different
sources, for instance data from sensors and analysis devices, ERP systems, manually-recorded data, mobile phone photos, master data and much more.

We use this experience and our know-how for tailor-made creation of

  • database applications
  • mobile applications
  • web applications
  • data archiving
  • data preparation
  • reporting

Step 1: precise analysis of requirements

Solutions for database systems are just as complex as your requirements. Our highly experienced technicians can work together with your employees to prepare a precise analysis of your requirements, and provide an idea of the optimal solution for your company. We will back this up with concrete cost planning to give you the best possible basis for decision making.

Ready for Step 1?

Give us a call, send us an e-mail or arrange an appointment for a non-binding consultation: contact


PS: Important – the right tools

Richard Koslik, Head of Software Development: "Whatever solution we come up with, you can be sure that we will use the right tools for the job: ORACLE, MySQL or MSSQL Server for example, programmed towards .NET Basis in C#. In terms of individual software solutions for web-based applications, we recommend a Silverlight frontend with WCF Services. Silverlight creates an effective connection between WinPhone 7 mobile phones. The high-performance script language PHP can also be used in relevant cases."

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