Manufacturing decisions are characterized by a large number of influencing factors and different objectives – every decision in one area has consequences for other areas of the company.

BLS also supports economic optimization. Production planning, production control and inventory level can be recorded and controlled centrally.

The production process

The model calculation of the production process using PPS is simple and logical and offers a quick and comprehensive overview of all factors involved, such as input goods (raw materials and semi-finished products), warehouses and the existing production capacities for both machines and personnel. The process is controlled by orders and dispositions in compliance with the production regulations. Feedback from the processes (operating data, batches, fault messages) complete the production process.

The storage place

The second essential part of the production process simulated in the BLS logistics control system as well as by PPS is the storage area, in which all products are buffered in any number of warehouses, from raw materials to semi-finished and finished products.

In addition to warehouses with precise article allocation and inventory level calculation, it is also possible to register warehouses without assignment – even a single manual outlet is recorded in terms of quantity.

Many advantages at a glance

  • 3 operating levels with different access levels for ordering / purchasing, production planning / coordination and production
  • Permanent control over inventory
  • Optimization of all parts of the production
  • Resource control during the production process
  • Complete warehouse management

Security features

  • Logs of all input materials and finished products
  • Proof of production processes and procedures
  • Logs and lists of evidence of deliveries
  • Traceability via batch number