It started with a Vision

Let’s be clear about one thing: The self-service terminals we use were developed in-house by Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H. Our decades of practical experience with indoor and outdoor terminals and in particular the numerous problems encountered with standard cabinets have convinced us that only one good solution exists:

A terminal custom designed for the specific needs that functions flawlessly under even the harshest environmental conditions – in other words one that is fully suited for outdoor installation, has a long service life, offers flexible operation, is easy to service and maintain and also safe from vandalism and manipulation. In short, our self-service terminals must offer maximum operational reliability at the best possible price.

To realise this vision, we relied on the tremendous competence of our partners:

Infotronik Touchscreen Systeme GmbH / Pitten

As a leading manufacturer of information systems and surfing stations, Infotronik offers in-depth expertise in the implementation of outdoor terminals and is able to perfectly realise this using innovative technology.

Infotronik also has a unique understanding of the importance of outstanding design, which is a critical success factor for input devices and HMIs (human-machine interfaces).

SIKOM-ESSRA GmbH / Wilhelmsburg

Since the early 1990s, we have had an extremely competent partner for switchgear and switch cabinet construction in the form of SIKOM-ESSRA.

Many years of experience, an eye for what matters most and the consistent use of high-quality products and components ensure reliable deliveries for us and our customers as well as products and components with optimal operational reliability.

On the Same Wavelength

Our partnerships with both companies have developed over many years.
Infotronik and Sikom-Essra have both proven in numerous joint projects that hold themselves to the same quality standards as Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H.

For us, quality means delivering solutions designed for long-term use. This applies equally to engineering, implementation, hardware, software and support.

The result speaks for itself: The new self-service terminal

In a detailed engineering process in cooperation with Infotronik that lasted over 1 ½ years, optimal solutions were found for all problems, and the operation of the new self-service terminal is not impaired by dust, rain, ice or large temperature fluctuations.

The terminal housing is manufactured and assembled directly by our partner Infotronik. SIKOM-ESSRA is responsible for manufacturing the mounting plates.

Advanced Technology

The new self-service terminals also offer a new level of application flexibility.
In the standard configuration, the BLS terminals feature a 15" capacitive touch screen behind safety glass with automatic sensor-controlled brightness regulation and a fanless industrial computer.

Numerous optional features allow nearly all conceivable applications to be realised at low cost, especially in connection with the BLS central unit. These include:

  • Air-conditioning system with automatic evaporator: Draining of the water is not required.
  • Printer for document output
  • Intercom system
  • RFID reader, barcode scanner
  • Weighing indicator
  • Video cameras, etc.

Despite all these options as well as continued development work, the new self-service terminals can always be delivered as a standardised product.
With custom-tailored in-house development, the terminal can even be manufactured at lower cost than a standard cabinet. This allows us to offer an inexpensive, flexible high-end self-service terminal solution.

Link: The new BLS self-service terminal

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