BLS Biomass – the industry-specific module

BLS covers the entire biomass process, starting with the core modules for master data entry, order management, optional booking, transaction processing and delivery note generation to

  • Sampling and quality testing
    upon delivery
  • Accounting for highly fluctuating vehicles
    upon delivery

In order to allow processes to be completed reliably without personnel intervention, BLS can print job slips with barcodes.

These can be sent ahead of time and then used by the driver for identification.

Integration of multiple plants and data exchange between them

The use of a comprehensive logistics control system is especially interesting when the operator runs multiple plants in a single region.

Weighing procedures and quality inspections can be combined for greater efficiency, and analyses and invoicing can be centralized. BLS offers the Plant-to-Plant Module for this. Operators at one plant can use it to execute processes in all connected plants.

Customer-specific quantity recording and the associated parameters are stored centrally, and can be automatically processed and documented for all sites together.
Data from plants that are not completely integrated into the system, where
automation is not worth the expense, can also be entered manually and invoiced together with the automated plants.

BLS assists you with many different internal processes:

Sampling process and assignment

During every delivery, samples are taken at different points during unloading, mixed and then placed in a prepared sample dish. This sample dish with a barcode is then uniquely assigned to a transaction using a scanner either directly at the unloading station or at a workstation.

In this way, a sample is taken for every transaction and prepared for analysis. Direct assignment a swap is impossible. Samples with barcodes can also be sealed in plastic bags and kept for long-term documentation.

Fuel value determination and quality-based invoicing

Fuel value determination begins with the identifi cation of the barcode and the weighing of the sample dish on a precision scale that is connected to the system by use of an interface.
This scale weighs the sample dish with an accuracy of 0.01 g and saves this value with the transaction in the database.

After the samples for a specifi c period have been weighed, they are placed in a drying cabinet for a specifi ed period of time. That is why the sample dishes are made of metal, and have a heat-resistant barcode.
After the drying time has elapsed, the sample dishes are taken from the cabinet, placed back on the precision scale, the barcode is scanned, and the associated dry weight is saved in the database for the corresponding transaction.

A proven formula is used to calculate the calorifi c value of the material delivered under this transaction. This information is collected and analyzed according to different criteria, for example to determine and optimize the effi ciency of every plant, as well as for invoicing and quality determination for each customer and supplier.
This also allows effective quality-based invoicing.

Storage management for multiple articles

Biomass power plants have long been burning other wood variants aside from wood chips.
This wood must of course be stored until it is used, and must often also be processed, chipped and possibly distributed when multiple plants are being operated in relatively close vicinity.

Under such a scenario, BLS offers the massive advantage of being able to manage any number of different articles, storage locations and quantities and being able to track inventory levels.

Transfers of materials to different plants can also be documented and tracked exactly by means of dispatch from the warehouse in one plant and receipt in the warehouse of another plant.

This ensures that the inventory levels, quantities and characteristics of the used materials and also the energy balance of each individual plant can be calculated exactly.

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