Top priority: employee retention

Reduction in profits immediately lead to questions regarding potential opportunities to make savings. A common concept – as cost reductions are rapidly apparent – is to reduce staffing levels.

For Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H, this is the last conceivable option.
Companies carry a significant social responsibility and as a business with a strong trend towards development, we succeed through the achievements of experienced, long-serving employees.

Small-scale and large-scale projects

We have made the decision to broaden our horizons and concentrate more on “smaller” projects, which serve to bring about cost-saving opportunities for our partners. We are not adverse to taking on specialist tasks and can continue to develop based on our extensive know-how.

It is clear that projects of this nature are not the most profitable for our company:

Our company is dedicated to supplying the highest-quality and most secure solutions to its partners. Our efforts in terms of quality control and work ethic are therefore just as high.

Our aspirations to achieve high levels of quality are just as high for small-scale projects. These projects may not be the most economically beneficial, but they are a great contributor to achieve our goal: keeping the team together.

Always ready

In the second half of 2011, the numbers of tenders and offers submitted to our company significantly increased.

The decision to keep our employees was the right one: in doing so, they were available immediately, in contrast to other competitors.

We have already been able to benefit from a slight improvement in the economy and are therefore able to successfully develop our company into the future.

We look forward to your contact!

Developing the next generation – internships develop successful careers
Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H is looking for project engineers with systematic approaches and grounded thought. Internships offer a superb opportunity to showcase abilities. We employed three interns this year.

If you take your job requirements seriously, this could be a win-win situation: we offer young people the opportunity to get to know the company and the job of a project engineer, and we will have the opportunity to find out about the potential of our new colleagues during their training.

"A company must invest in its employees. Only after this – and primarily through this – can it be truly successful."

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