A logistics control system for the entire industrial park

In 2013, REMONDIS Production GmbH decided to implement a new logistics system with integrated, automated weighing technology. For smooth and easy handling of the shipping processes, a new logistics control system was to be put into operation to automate most of the transport logistics. The system was expected to offer high reliability in order to safeguard standard operations at the industrial park.

Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H stepped forward with the innovative BLS logistics control system and came out on top against notable competitors. BLS is unique because of its flexibility and configurability and the fact that the system is designed as a complete turnkey solution. Using its many projects as references, Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H could also clearly demonstrate the high operational reliability of its corporate solutions. Because of its numerous innovations BLS is the market leader in many areas, and REMONDIS’s decision also ensures the industrial park will continue to benefit from a highly promising infrastructure.

Conceptualisation and implementation

The existing weighing system on the periphery of the site was replaced by three new systems (one for incoming vehicles, one for outgoing vehicles and one dual weighing system for both incoming and outgoing vehicles) at a central location within the industrial park.
A 30 m weighbridge has already been installed here for weighing gigaliners. The formalities for incoming and outgoing vehicles will be dealt with by the individual lorry driver as part of an automated process.

The Lippe Plant is open permanently, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Altogether, 16 businesses and business divisions are located in the industrial park; the range of transported goods is therefore correspondingly varied. Each year approximate inputs and outputs amount to 1.6 million tonnes and 1 million tonnes respectively. Transport to and from the industrial park takes place exclusively by lorry.

Extensive use of the BLS logistics control system

All aspects of transport logistics such as local order entry, framework contracts, incoming and outgoing deliveries, weighing, identification, operator guidance and administration, as well as local master data processing in the industrial park, will now be efficiently processed by the BLS logistics control system.

Also covered are logging and traceability of all procedures, from client processes and loading/unloading to the issuing of weighing and delivery slips.

As well as making processing more secure, this solution offers the possibility of round-the-clock automated processing of incoming and outgoing vehicles and supports optimal use of existing plant resources.

Multi-client capable and flexible

With its various authorisation and access levels, BLS truly does offer genuine multi-client capability: every business and business division in the industrial park works as a client with the same system but with separate master data.
Each operator with access data can log on to the weighing system and, depending on his/her authorisation level, carry out transactions for his/her assigned clients. The actions/transactions will be logged by the system.

All menus and functions can be individually activated or blocked for a specific user. Also, thanks to the unlimited configurability, adjustments to suit a wide range of different individual requirements can be made extremely quickly without changing the software.

A small selection of the many practical features

The system management can be accessed in 12 different languages via a user-friendly touch screen and largely eliminates the risk of human error. The driver can choose the desired language directly from the self-service terminal and BLS saves the selected operational language under the respective vehicle registration plate so that when the registration number is next identified, that language will be offered automatically.

If need be, in order to support new or less experienced lorry drivers, you can remotely access the self-service terminal display screen from each operating terminal. As a result, the driver can be quickly assisted without having to leave his/her vehicle. Upon entry, after the first weighing, the driver can print out directions if required.

Delivery documents are printed directly at the relevant self-service terminal upon exit, so that the driver receives his/her documents on the fly, again without having to get out of the vehicle. Reports are available for any specified period of time as individual or batch reports and can be activated, printed out and exported.

BLS – a complete turnkey system

REMONDIS is profiting from the all-inclusive turnkey solution provided by Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H. The company is the supplier and point of contact for all aspects of the control system, from engineering and delivery of all essential hardware and software modules to exceptional support in the form of maintenance agreements. BLS guarantees fast and efficient implementation and fail-safe operation.

We are delighted to have gained this new customer and look forward to a long-lasting partnership.


Since its foundation in 1934, REMONDIS has developed into a leading international water and environmental services company – built upon the solid foundations of a family-run business with a rich tradition. The Group employs some 30,500 people working at around 500 locations in 23 European countries as well as Africa, Asia and Australia. At the Lippe Plant more than 1,200 employees (taking into account the other companies located in the industrial park) work in the following facilities:

  • REMONDIS Electrorecycling GmbH – Extraction of raw materials from electrical and electronic equipment
  • BMK Biomassekraftwerk GmbH – Wood processing for the chipboard industry and for generating energy
  • REMONDIS Production GmbH – Processing and manufacturing of products for various industrial applications (alumin, RADDiBIN, casul) as well as the provision of waste management services
  • RETERRA GmbH – Production of humus soil and compost products
  • RE Plano GmbH – Plastics processing and production of granulated material
  • CASEA GmbH – Production of gypsum-based binding agents
  • ecoMotion GmbH – Production of biodiesel and glycerine
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