New customer centre at the Spittelau

A new customer centre is being constructed on the site of the district heating plant at the Spittelau. This will be constructed at the same level as the underground station and the police station in order to guarantee disabled-friendly access.

Underneath the planned customer centre, however, is the current entry- and exit system which receives and weighs approximately 260,000 tonnes of waste products every year.

Effects on the current entry- and exit system

The reconstruction work naturally requires additional work on the foundations and girders which would potentially either hinder or even prevent the use of the current entry- and exit system.

In addition, the current roof construction which houses the cameras and TagMaster microwave identification devices and sensors for dynamic weighing of HGVs will be dismantled at the start of the reconstruction phase.
The task: complete functionality of the plant entrance during the reconstruction work

For the duration of the construction work, Fernwärme Wien has decided to relocate the entry- and exit system into the inside of the plant to avoid the danger zone and guarantee complete functionality for deliveries and dispatch.

For this reason, we were given the task of temporarily constructing an entry- and exit system consisting of 2 overground bridge weighing systems complete with periphery system, identification system, camera and sensors which to be located in front of the entrance to the receiving bunker ramp.

Overground bridge weighing system VTS

We decided to use the modular concept VTS200 provided by our partners Mettler Toledo for the bridge weighing system which is comprised of 6m long, power-coated bridge modules.

With a construction height of a mere 41mm (!), this weighing system is the perfect solution for overground weighing without the need to compromise efficiency.

This concept removes the need for complex work on foundations in the bridge weighing system which is of particular interest for temporary solutions as well as the construction of new entry- and exit systems.
The module system construction – 4, 5 and 6m modules are available – enables uncomplicated construction even in difficult-to-access areas.

All inclusive

Our scope of delivery and service naturally includes the compete engineering work for the construction of the weighing system, the preparation of all necessary subconstructions for levelling, the construction and integration of the logistic control system, as well as start-up and calibration of the weighing system and GoLife for the logistic control system.
Our scope of supply also includes the temporary construction of an air-conditioned office for the weighing personnel which contains all of the necessary control systems.

Rental-based solution

This contract sees us provide complete system units and components for the first time on a rental basis, including the provision of support through a complete maintenance contract. We hope to be able use our equipment to offer this service to other current and new customers in the future.


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