Fully-automated: Baden and Mödling district heating systems

Delivery of biomass to the plants in Baden and Mödling is completely independent: the fully-automated processing of supplier identification, weighing, sampling, heat value calculation, paperwork creation and accounting almost completely eradicates errors or manipulation.

As there is no room for machine downtime in regards to deliveries, both plants are equipped with a failsafe system: in case of an incident in one of the plants, the logistics control system of the other plant can completely take over server functions of the other plant.

Connecting the smaller plants – simple but effective

The task was to incorporate the smaller district heating plants, which did not have their own automated logistics control system, into the central data processing system.

As the sites were spread out all over Lower Austria and did not have the same production volumes as Mödling or Baden, it was not immediately obvious that a fully-automated system would be financially bareable.

The VAS-II logistics control system can be easily expanded

Instead of implementing new systems, the logistics control systems in Baden and Mödling were expended, without significant effort, to cover a further 50 locations.

All of the relevant business data from all EVN Wärme GmbH district heating plants were integrated into one single system, thus reducing overall expenditure. It was even possible to integrate invoicing, supplier management and reporting into one central system.

  • Data can be entered using simple input templates
  • Plausibility checks eliminate errors
  • Heat value calculations are automated
  • Data collection can be carried out on site using a laptop computer

This system integration enables immense cost reductions: multiple data entry is no longer necessary and errors are almost completely eradicated.

Where data once had to be collected and processed manually from all plants and heat values calculated by hand, the fully-automated Rudolf Berthold logistics control system now handles all processes automatically.

Once a month, the system delivers a report to the SAP system which can then be sent to suppliers for monthly collective invoicing.

Standardised reporting is also possible, for example:

  • Efficiency of individual district heating plants
  • Cross-plant reporting for suppliers
  • And much, much more.

Simple solutions – readily available

If a logistic control system is flexible and can be configured and expanded quickly and easily, there are no limits to the cost-saving measures that can be quickly and easily implemented.

Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H therefore focuses on these important attributes in the development and engineering of their successful systems.

We will gladly advise you on how you can make your company more cost-efficient:


About EVN Wärme GmbH

EVN has been supplying district heating alongside electricity and natural gas since the 1960s. At the beginning Mödling was supplied from its local power plant. Today, however, EVN supplies customers in Krems, Baden, Wiener Neustadt and Ybbs and many more with district heating.

Since 1986, EVN has provided customers in Lower Austria with district heating derived from gas and oil. In 1993, it added a biomass plant to its scope of supply. The first EVN biomass power plant was in Krumbach in der Buckligen Welt.

Today, EVN operates 44 biomass power plants in Lower Austria, which use approximately 1 million loose cubic meters.
EVN Wärme GmbH is the largest provider of natural district heating in Austria.

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