Berthold supervises the video surveillance of the thermal waste incineration plant in Dürnrohr. A recent upgrade of software and hardware has numerous advantages for the committed power plant operator, EVN Wärmekraftwerke GmbH.

Especially in a waste incineration plant a problem-free video surveillance represents a wide range of tasks. The requirements are clear: Optimal securing of the transport processes and transport routes as well as the traceability of the waste to be incinerated or compliance with the plant safety and regulations.

EVN Videoüberwachung Aussengelände

In 2010 Berthold took over the support of the video surveillance of the waste incineration plant of EVN in Dürnrohr. After an intensive analysis of the possibilities, EVN Wärmekraftwerke GmbH decided in 2013 on the solution offered by SeeTec, which is seamlessly integrated into our BLS logistics control system. Seetec was acquired by Qognify in late 2018.

At the moment Berthold in Dürnrohr manages a system with over 65 cameras, a video wall in the central control room, video surveillance in 6 crane driver platforms and numerous connections to individual workplaces.

Upgrade of the software and hardware by Berthold

Recently, Seetec released Version R13, the latest version of the Cayuga video software.

Inspired by the numerous advantages of this version and the desire to be able to rely on trouble-free video surveillance in the years to come, EVN, in consultation with Berthold, decided to upgrade its software and hardware.

One of the reasons for the update was the fact that Qognify will soon stop its support for the currently used version 8.
The Qognify Cayuga video management software has enhanced usability, significant performance improvements and other convenience features with the current R13 release.

The software exchange including licensing and set-up costs was carried out by Berthold as part of the full maintenance contract with EVN Dürnrohr.

In order to meet the minimum standard of hardware, 10 industrial computers of the client stations were exchanged in the course of the upgrade. More powerful models with the current operating system Windows 10 now ensure a smooth operation of video surveillance.

EVN Videoüberwachung_Schaltzentrale

Numerous advantages through upgrade

For the customer, the upgrade offers significant benefits, including:

  • Live images are displayed more fluently, even at 4k or higher
  • Support for new camera types, especially PoE cameras (Power over Ethernet)
  • Less traffic on the network when connecting the same image
  • Update security (for Qognify Cayuga R8 the support has been stopped by the manufacturer)
    • Better resolutions
    • Higher number of livestreams simultaneously on the screen
    • Powerful clients
    • Due to the new computers, it is possible to connect multiple cameras or monitors

      The use of Windows 10 as the operating system also keeps the possibility open for regular security updates. Continued use of older operating systems that will not be updated in the foreseeable future would dramatically increase the risk to operations.

      EVN Videoüberwachung_Mitarbeiter

      EVN thermal power stations GmbH
      The thermal recycling plant in Zwentendorf / Dürnrohr is the largest and most modern plant of its kind in Austria. Every year about 500.000 tons of waste are delivered to the waste recycling plant. In addition, the residues must be removed again.
      The entire process of deliveries, transport and shipping is handled automatically with the logistics control system BLS from Berthold.

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