The Basel energy supplier IWB has been using the logistics control system BLS from Berthold since 2018. The official handover took place at the beginning of 2019 – and with the climate protection tariff the first extension took place.

Official project handover IWB

IWB has been using Berthold’s BLS logistics control system since 2018 for its entire transport logistics.

The full deployment of the BLS process-comprehensive system at IWB began in autumn 2018 – following successful trial and parallel operation – in the Basel waste incineration plant and the Basel wood power plant.

After completion of the wood-fired power plant II Basel, BLS was successfully tested in trial operation and handed over to full operation in early 2019.

IWB Auto auf Waage

This enables IWB to process all three power plants efficiently and safely with ONE system.
The official handover and final meeting in February 2019 sealed the success of the extensive project.
Find out more about our project for IWB here.

Further security for IWB through full maintenance contract

IWB decided on a full maintenance contract with Berthold and thus relies on clearly calculable maintenance costs of the logistics control system.

A full maintenance contract with Berthold prevents unplanned downtime of the entire plant. Regular maintenance and software updates, full spare parts inventory and 24/7 hotline support reduce downtime to an absolute minimum. Guaranteed reaction times are included in the contract as well as the execution of any repairs.

Contribution to climate protection – quickly implemented in BLS

On 01.01.2019 IWB reduced the tariffs for municipal waste delivered by electric trucks. The energy company thus makes a contribution to climate protection. The applicable delivery rates were reduced by 10 francs per ton of waste for deliveries by electric truck.

The processing of this new tariff should be automated via the recently implemented logistics control system BLS from Berthold. Since BLS is based on a freely configurable system concept, the integration of the new tariff groups into the existing system could be carried out in a short time and cost-effectively.

IWB Lastwaegen

Berthold’s technicians quickly implemented the necessary adjustments to interfaces, business cases, analysis and master data. Internal tests at Berthold confirmed the full and reliable functionality. Integrated via remote maintenance, the extended tariff group was ready for operation and the first suppliers of electric trucks were able to benefit from this flagship project.

IWB Bildschirme
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