BLS control centre 42HE (standard) for full flexibility

The standard control centre is installed in a 2100 mm high free-standing cabinet with a base, and can be expanded modularly to include up to 2 UPS systems, 5 physical servers, 2 ISCSI storage systems and redundant CAT and fibre optic network systems.

A key aspect of the design is the ability to expand the system at a later time without major service interruptions.

The system is installed so that all maintenance work can be completed from the front, which means that the control centre cabinet can be installed in a row of cabinets without access from the rear.

The corresponding fans and ventilation ducts are also included so that the system can be operated under normal ambient conditions. A series of options allows the system to be adapted to any plant and used for any application.

BLS control centre 24HE for small systems

The most efficient solution for systems for which no expansions are planned.
The basic version of the control centre is equipped with 1 or 2 servers, one UPS system, the complete network system including the switch, patch panels and a firewall, plus a control unit for the automatic startup and shutdown of the system.

The capabilities of the servers and databases in the solution allow the system to be used with 2 to 3 self-service terminals and 2 to 3 workstations without problems.

Reliable system design

Reliability and quality were key focuses during the design of the system.
We applied our many years of experience in determining the structure to assure smooth operation to the greatest extent possible. We use brand-name hardware, including servers and network components from HP, a firewall from Cisco and storage systems from QNAP.

Air conditioning for optimum efficiency

The BLS control centre especially includes its own air conditioning system when no climate control systems are installed or planned at the installation site.

For this, a climate control unit is installed in the side of the central control system and circulates cooled air around the servers and devices.
A closed, sealed circuit not only provides for optimal efficiency, but also keeps dirt, dust and other substances out of the control system to further increase reliability.

Redundancy for maximum availability

Even in a worst-case scenario, operation can be resumed automatically in a short time when redundant BLS solutions are used.

This option includes all hardware and software components for the installation of a complete redundant central control system. This includes a second UPS, which supplies the redundant power supply units of the servers and storage systems through a separate control unit. A redundant system is added for each physical production server that is used, and a control server continuously monitors all functions.

The data storage systems are also redundant, and special software is used to ensure that the same data is stored on both systems at all times.

Power module

Transactions can also be completed properly with BLS even in the event of longer power outages. Depending on the battery capacity, all necessary components can be run for hours with the power module.

This option is especially intended to increase operational security. One UPS or two redundant UPSs are installed in an additional cabinet. A separate network is installed to provide UPS and mains power to the subsystems such as the self-service terminals, operating panels, access control systems and video monitoring systems.

Modular design

The 42HE control centre can be equipped for redundant operation with up to

  • 2 UPS systems
  • 5 very powerful servers
  • 2 storage systems
  • 1 firewall router
  • and the entire network consisting of
    2 administrable switches with 48 ports each,
    and connection hardware.

All central IT components are always installed in a single cabinet; additional options may require additional free-standing or wall cabinets.

Virtualisation with VMware allows the components to be installed in compact form, but to be installed redundantly thanks to a separate monitoring server and doubled physical components.

This allows very high availability for the overall system and maximum downtime of just a few minutes per year to be guaranteed.

Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H provides for maximum availability and the best possible reliability with efficient hardware systems.

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