EVN Wärme biomass plant Tulln

After the excellent results with VAS II in automated biomass plants Baden and Mödling we were also able to score in the course of the extension of the biomass plant Tulln.
Our unmanned control concept,
especially the fail-safe operation of our solution, the integration of the non-automated, small biomass plants in the overall solution as well as the easy to implement plant to plant functionality convinced the responsible decision-makers to further deepen the partnership with Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H.
Also the problem-free, tested connection to the ERP system (SAP) was a striking argument for this decision.

EVN waste treatment – MVA Dürnrohr Video upgrade

Especially in a waste incineration plant a problem-free video monitoring of transport processes and of path of transportation, as well as the subsequent, complete tracking of waste to incineration is a more and more important topic. Since the previous software solution installed in the MVA Dürnrohr was getting a bit long in the tooth, the customer decided, after an intensive analysis of all options, for the solution made by company SeeTec which we offered to him, which is seamlessly integrated into our VAS II.

There are advantages for the customer by the new software among others with a better, achievable resolution of video quality, more rapid availability of records, quicker access from any working place and an infinitely variably extendable monitoring concept with different alarm scenarios. The realised implementation also opens a new customer segment for the video solution made by SeeTec, which shall now be intensively worked on.

EVN coal power station Dürnrohr – Extromat I

In the coaling transportation plant a new processcontrol and integration to the central control centre was required for a charging station.
The presented concept convinced on both technical and commercial issues, in particular the timely, quick implementation in the limited available time and our elegant solution enthused the persons responsible for technical issues. Since our approach has proven during rough full operations for a long time, other charging stations should follow with this concept.

Food manufacturer, Croatia

A manufacturer for baby food had particular export success to Asia in the past few years. Due to resulting production increases and the fact that Croatia joined the EU, it is necessary to adhere to new safety requirements.
Due to the implementation of these safety requirements and the short available period of time, as well as necessary hygienic rules, such a project is always becoming a particular challenge.

Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H was not only able to undercut the demanding time allowances with the proven team, but show a fault-free commissioning and ensured a flawless and compliant production from the very beginning.

Abwasserverband Wr. Neustadt

The association for sewage treatment Wiener Neustadt South has distinguished itself for a long time by unconventional ideas, innovative projects and advanced measures. Therefore, we are again proud to participate in the renewal and improvement of important parts of the waste water treatment process.
Beside safety-related process improvements of the gas production, the construction of a completely new MÜSE (mechanical surplus sludge dewatering) is to be mentioned, which we equipped with a fully automated control and the integration into the existing visualisation system. In 2013, other smaller projects, such as the modernisation of the pumping stations also underlined the intensive cooperation between Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H and the long-standing client.

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