The data from the old system has already been transferred successfully and the trial run goes smoothly into the final phase. Once the last function tests will be completed, the final handover of the new logistics control system BLS will take place.

Already now, Holding Graz as the operator of this waste collection center, as well as all the deliverers of waste can rely on a technically sound, reliable system for recording, documentation, invoicing and evaluation of all delivery and loading operations.

High demands on logistics control system

The Recycling Center Sturzgasse is a full-service provider for waste disposal in Graz: The modern location serves as a focal point for the municipal, commercial as well as private waste.

With more than 1,000 delivery notes per day, this recycling center is one of the strongest throughput collection centers that have ever been equipped with a logistics control system from Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H.

This enormous rate, combined with the high number of internal handling, such as by relocations through container exchange, let the logistics control system BLS play all its strengths. The different types of delivery and billing during daily opening times (no day off) put no obstacle to BLS.

All business cases and waste movements are recorded automatically, together with all relevant parameters. These data provides a complete documentation for the waste management, but is also used for automated billing and all further internal processes.

While commercial waste is usually invoiced together, the billing of private deliveries on site is carried out directly after the delivery via fully integrated pay machines by cash or electronic payment.

Configurable evaluations

An extensive evaluation tool has also been integrated into BLS.

With BLS all collected data can be freely configured and transferred into desired evaluations. This data is then provided automatically.

The evaluations serve on one hand as a basis for the fulfillment of regulatory requirements, such as the composting regulation:

Biowaste treatment of green waste is regulated by the authorities by a total annual amount per processor. In order to clearly demonstrate compliance with this requirement, the logistics control system BLS provides a corresponding automated protocol with all relevant data.

On the other hand evaluations serve as ongoing process optimization, such as the avoidance of waiting times:

To proactively ensure rapid processing, an ongoing evaluation of the peak hours and the workload is performed on the individual scales. These statistics provide all relevant data on all entrances to the factory, divided between the individual scales, grouped by time of day and hour. This allows the operator to identify potential bottlenecks in time and proactively intervene by process adjustment.

Also, the requirement for complete documentation, which has to be observed according to the EDM directive, is now easily met by the Logistics Control System BLS with an automated notification to the authority.

Partnering for Success

Key elements for a successful implementation of this ambitious project were the extensive planning and evaluation of all process details, as well as the jointly undertaken detailed definition of the requirements of Holding Graz and Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H by means of a specification sheet.

Thanks to the high flexibility and free configurability, all requirements could be met and implemented cost-effectively after the trouble-free automation with the new logistics management system BLS. An extensive redundancy concept with distributed hardware also ensures very high reliability.

Holding Graz can count on a fail-safe and well-engineered state of the art system. A 10 year maintenance contract ensures a sustainable economic operation.

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