Wien Energie renews the entry scale in Simmering

Wien Energie is constantly striving to use the most efficient technologies, whether in the context of new investments, or even during maintenance and servicing. After the successful upgrade of the logistics control system of VAS-II to the innovative system BLS at the end of 2014, now the entrance scale in the hazardous waste treatment plant Simmeringer Haide was upgraded to the latest state of the technology by Rudolf Berthold Ges.mbH.

At inspection work during the statutory scales calibration, the approaching end of life of the driveway scale was recognized by Rudolf Berthold Ges.mbH and taken as a reason for inspection in terms of the duty of checking and warning.

After quick clarification, in accordance with the least possible loss of time it was decided by Rudolf Berthold Ges.mbH. to replace the entire scale.

Connected to an upgrade to a digital low-floor scale the plateau was cleared, the foundation restored, the new scale installed and put into operation, and the components of the logistics system newly repositioned. After calibration of the balance, the renewed, automated driveway station was on time and smoothly put into operation.

Integration of branch office access control at Wien Energie

Wien Energie took over the operation of the energy center of the Otto Wagner Hospital in the 14th district of Vienna.

Hence resulted the request to integrate the entire access control of the power station into the energy existing system of Wien Energie.

The access control of doors and gates, including intercom with camera was networked and can now be operated from the nearest base of the Wien Energie on "Flötzersteig".

The start-up and integration has been implemented as usual in a short time to the complete satisfaction of Wien Energie.

Joachim Berthold, Sales Director at Rudolf Berthold Ges.mbH draws conclusion: "We are also pleased with the renewal and improvement of the technical facilities of Wien Energie to apply as a competent partner. The resulting, further deepened long-standing partnership with Wien Energie is an incentive for us to go this route further. "

"It makes us proud to be known as more complex problem-solvers in the data processing, industrial control and automation technology for our customers. Our focus is always on a cost-effective economic solution for our customers and partners that we are able to implement, thanks to the optimized internal processes " adds Joachim Berthold.


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