With a capacity of around 500,000 tons / year, the waste incineration plant Dürnrohr is the largest waste incineration plant in Austria and is among one of the largest plants in Europe.

Worldwide unique are the logistics: To make the waste and resource deliveries and the removal of residual materials environmentally friendly, waste delivery is performed to about 90% by rail. Likewise, almost all residual materials are transported by rail.

Since the start-up in 2004, the entire shipping logistics of all deliveries and shipments have been processed with a fully automated logistics management system of Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H.

Since the beginning, the Berthold VAS-II-system has been operating to the full satisfaction of EVN. In spring 2016 the system has been replaced by the newly developed logistics control system BLS, together with the individual additions and enhancements which have been carried out throughout the years. by

The web-based redevelopment BLS displays the complete shipping process optimally and enables a fully automated processing of all transport processes as far as billing. The modular structure and the flexibility ensure minimal effort when adapting to a new situation, including any amendments or process extensions.

Upgrade under full system operation

An exchange of the relevant operating software for transport logistics under full system operation already means providing high quality work in advance.
Christian Hauser, project manager at Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H says: "The close cooperation with the employees of EVN Abfallverwertung NÖ GmbH began with the precise definition of the task in the form of the specification."

". The close cooperation ran throughout the entire project," adds Thomas Braun, project manager responsible for project management and implementation, and adds: "Good communication and the experience from numerous successful projects are essential for the smooth planning and implementation. "

The available hardware components were already checked in advance by Rudolf Berthold Ges.m.b.H with regard to BLS suitability and only renewed or revised when it was absolutely necessary.

The customizing of the BLS software, that is the configuration of the flexible BLS system according to the present customer plant situation, as well as the comprehensive testing were carried out at Berthold’s site.

The logistics control system including the business module of waste collection point Süßenbrunn was taken into account as well when upgrading to BLS.
All operations in Süßenbrunn, which are relevant to shipping and accounting, may also be carried out directly by the receiver after the upgrade, in this case the waste incineration plant Dürnrohr.

Smooth implementation of BLS

The start-up at the customer plant took place in early March 2016. In the startup phase, the by us well-trained users of EVN Abfallverwertung NÖ GmbH were also accompanied by our BLS support technicians, so support was available when needed. This time was also used to achieve further optimization by individual fine adjustments.
We would like to thank all participating employees of EVN Abfallverwertung GmbH for the close and fruitful cooperation. We have thus jointly succeeded in implementing the project starting with highest quality, starting with the planning phase.

With BLS prepared for the future

With the logistics control system BLS, the EVN Abfallverwertung GmbH relies on an integrated system that embraces the entire logistics process, from the offer over the handling to billing and transaction to a financial accounting system – completely covered in ONE SYSTEM, including warehouse management.

All incoming and outgoing materials, their origin and their further processing are fully documented with BLS. All data is processed and also provided for the process control systems and the incinerators in order to continuously optimize the generation of energy.

More about BLS for waste management

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